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rme (robot motion editor) is a customized version of the original Darwin-OP 'action_editor'

RME Getting Started

Your robot should be in a sitting position prior to launching RME. Always support/spot the robot while launching RME, playing an animation, or toggling servo torque.

RME Video Tutorial

See video below made by Trossen Robotics for a full tutorial on how to setup the electronics and framework.

RME Command List

General Commands

  • re Refreshes the screen.
  • save Saves changes.
  • exit Exits the program.

Page Navigation Commands

  • list View list of pages.
  • page [index] Move to page [index].
  • b Move to previous page.
  • n Move to next page.

Page Level Commands

  • new Clears data of current page and initializes page.
  • copy [index] Copy data from page [index].
  • name Name for current page or changes the name of current page.
  • play Motion playback of current page.
  • on/off Turn On/Off torque from ALL actuators.
  • on/off [index1] [index2] ...
 * [index1]-[index2] ...  from one index to another
 * ra la rl ll h ... right arm, left arm, right leg, left leg, head

Step Level Commands

  • set [value] Sets value on cursor to [value].
  • g [index] Motion playback of STP[index] (i.e. loads contents of STP[index] to STP[7].
  • w [index] Overwrites data from STP[index] with STP7.
  • i Inserts data from STP7 to STP0. Moves data from STP[x] to STP[x+1].
  • i [index] Inserts data from STP7 to STP[index]. Moves data from STP[index] to STP[index+1].
  • m [index] [index2] Moves data from [index] to [index2] step.
  • d [index] Deletes data from STP[index]. Pushes data from STP[index] to STP[index-1].
  • time Change time base playing.
  • speed Change speed base playing.

Additional Documentation and Reference

Robotis documentation on action_editor