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Welcome to my General Grievous HR-OS5 wiki!

The intentions of this Wiki is to share my approach and experience with the HR-OS5 Humanoid Research Robot from Trossen Robotics.

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HROS5-Framework, based on Darwin-OP framework, is a collaborative software project based on the open source Darwin-OP Framework, with the intent to continue development, implement an API to expose higher level functions of the framework, and develop additional features.

In addition I have branches of this kit, both in hardware and software. Most of what you find here is based on the exsisting HR-OS5 documentation, with my complementary notes and modifications.

The General Grievous project has been built following these steps. This guide is set up sequentially, whereas each step relies on previous steps.

  1. Hardware Overview
  2. System Architecture
  3. Electronics Setup
  4. Software Setup Guide
  5. Setting DYNAMIXEL servo IDs
  6. Robot Assembly Guide
  7. PS4 controller demo

References and recommended reading: