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General Grievous HR-OS5

Welcome to the General Grievous HR-OS5 Framework wiki! The intentions of this Wiki is to give additional information about the [HR-OS5 Humanoid Research Robot](


HROS1-Framework, based on Darwin-OP framework, is a collaborative software project based on the open source Darwin-OP Framework, with the intent to continue development, implement an API to expose higher level functions of the framework, and develop additional features.

To setup your HR-OS1 kit, check out each link in the following list. Make sure to follow the links sequentially, as each step relies on previous steps.

  1. <a href="">Battery Care Instructions</a>
  2. Hardware Overview
  3. Main Processor Choice - Raspberry Pi Vs Intel Edison
  4. Electronics & Framework Setup
  5. Set DYNAMIXEL servo IDs
  6. <a href="">Pair PS3 Controller to Intel Edison or RPi2</a>
  7. <a href="">Robot Assembly Guide </a>
  8. rme Robot Motion Editor for robot animation and playback.
  9. ps3_demo PS3 Sixaxis controller demo, WIP/unstable
  10. node_server Node.js API Server, WIP

References and recommended reading: